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Dobutamine Injection 250 mg
Dobutamine 250mg Injection is used for the treatment of cardiogenic shock and severe heart failure.

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Flucytosine Tablets by mouth is used for the treatment of serious infections caused by susceptible strains of Candida or Cryptococcus neoformans.

It can also be used for the treatment of chromomycosis (chromoblastomycosis), if susceptible strains cause the infection. Flucytosine must not be used as a sole agent in life-threatening fungal infections due to relatively weak antifungal effects and fast development of resistance, but rather in combination with amphotericin B and/or azole antifungals such as fluconazole or itraconazole.

Dobutamine-injection price, Available in Delhi, India, U.K.

Dubutamine Injection

  • Generic Brand Name – On Request
  • Innovator Brand Name – On Request
  • API – Dobutamine
  • Packaging – Single-Use Vial
  • Strength – 250mg
  • Manufacturer Name – Abbott

What is dobutamine used for?

Dobutamine Injection is used for the treatment of cardiogenic shock and severe heart failure.


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    Get Access To Dobutamine Injection 250 mg

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    Facts of Medicines

    Dobutamine Injection 250 mg


    Care should be exercised in the handling of Dobutrex. Dobutrex Injections should not be opened or broken. This medication should be kept in the cool dry place where temperature stays below 25°C.


    Dobutamine (dobutrex) basically is a sterile powder which should be dissolved as well as diluted with the suitable sterile fluids. Dobutamine should be given as a slow injection into a vein (continuous infusion or a drip).


    Most common adverse reactions include angina, ventricular arrhythmias, increased heart rate, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, hypotension, and increased shunt fraction (pulmonary vasodilation).


    • Administration of dobutamine injection, may be responsible for causing reactions including skin rash, fever, eosinophilia, and bronchospasm.
    • Such patients who are with the pre-existing hypertension appear to have a higher risk of developing an exaggerated pressure response.
    • While administration of dobutamine 250 mg, as with any adrenergic agent, ECG as well as blood pressure must be continuously monitored.
    • Women with childbearing potential should avoid treatment with dobutamine dosage.
    • In such patients who’ve atrial fibrillation with the rapid ventricular response, a digitalis preparation is used before institution of the dobutamine therapy.
    • Breastfeeding needs to be interrupted or discontinued for the duration of the dobutamine injection treatment.

      FAQs – Medicine Questions

      Dobutamine Injection 250 mg
      What are the alternate brands of Dobutamine Injection?

      Dobusol 250mg Injection (United Biotech Pvt Ltd)
      Dobutrex 250mg Injection (Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd)
      Dobustat 250mg Injection (Samarth Life Sciences Pvt Ltd)
      Dotamin 250mg Injection (Neon Laboratories Ltd)
      Dotamin Lyo 250mg Injection (Neon Laboratories Ltd)
      Dobutrust 250Mg Injection (Fusion Healthcare Pvt Ltd)

      What are the uses of dobutamine injection?

      Heart FailureLow blood pressure

      From which class of drug Dobutamine belongs?

      Dobutamine belongs to a class of medicines named Inotropic Agents.

      Where can I buy Dobutamine injection?

      You can buy Dobutamine injection from any authorized whole-seller after getting a prescription from a qualified doctor. It is always better to check the credential of the whole-seller/supplier/exporter before buying the product.

      The buyer should check the existing law in their home country before importing the product.

      What is the procedure to buy Dobutamine Injection?

      Patients can simply fill the order form or can send mail at info@treatmentoptions4u.com. Patients can also send WhatsApp messages to +91 99292 77766 / 98738 10020   We will reply ASAP with the details of the Dobutamine price as well as procurement procedure.

      Note:- The order will be confirmed only after the receipt of the Valid prescription of the Clinician.

      How should Dobutamine be administered?

      The recommended dose of dobutrex 250mg inj should be administered as a continuous intravenous infusion.


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